Cemetery Policy

July 2, 1962

Amended March 13, 1989

Christian burial is the final act of the Church for the individual, as Christian baptism is the first. Each presupposes the other, and both are part of the total ministry of the Body of Christ. It is the purpose of these policies to maintain the cemetery as a part of the total ministry of the Church. Our primary aim is to provide for the burial of those who have been a part of the life and work of this parish. While we realize that no set of policies can take full account of the details of every situation, this aim has led to the policies which follow.
PART I PERMISSION AND FEES FOR THE USE OF SITES The application for permission to be buried in the cemetery of Christ Church can be divided into six categories. These categories, with the fees relevant to them, are as follows”

A. Active communicants of Christ Church – that is, those confirmed persons, who are members of this parish, who receive Holy Communion at least three times a year in their parish, and who pledge to the support of their parish, and those baptized children who are not old enough to be confirmed. For active communicants, there is no fee for the active site.

B. Previously active communicants – that is, those who have moved from the parish and taken their letters of transfer with them to another Episcopal Parish or to a Church in communion with the Episcopal Church. For previously active communicants, the fee for each site is $50.00.

C. Friends who have had ongoing relationship with Christ Church and have contributed regularly to its continuing ministry. For friends of Christ Church, the fee is $100.00.

D. For non-members whose spouses are or were active communicants of Christ Church and their non-member depended children, the fee is $100.00.

E. Others. For others, the fee for each site is $500.00.

Changes in the economy may necessitate the changes in the amounts of the fees. The vestry will notify those on the mailing list of this parish when any changes in the fees are made. The Vestry shall be the final designate of the fee to be charged any individual. At the present time we find it possible to grant permission for burial to those in any of these categories, providing that they fees are paid. (See Part IV) However, we recognize the possibility that in the future we may not be able to grant permission to those in Category E. Previous Rectors and their spouses shall be considered as members of Category A., along with any minor children. No fee shall be charged. These rules for fees are in effect, except for those who already had a spouse buried in the cemetery, prior to the adoption of these policies. In these cases, there will be no fee. If anyone is uncertain concerning their status in this parish, they may ask the Vestry for clarification.

PART II THE RESERVATION OF SITES While it has not been the general policy of this parish in the past to reserve large areas of the cemetery, sites for burial may be reserved in advance by anyone whose spouse is buried in the cemetery, for themselves, and for their dependent children. However when these children become self-supporting, they are to be treated in their own right according to the policies set forth above; and the sites formerly reserved for them will be returned to the Vestry. Sites are used as need arises. A widow or widower may reserve a site for their burial at the time of their spouse. Such a request will be honored so long as it is possible to do so. In the case of children, sites adjacent to the parents shall be used in order as need arises and not in order of birth of descent within the family. At this time and for the foreseeable future, the parish feels that there is space available so that while no specific site can be reserved, assurance can be offered that a site will be available when one is required. This site would be chosen from sites available at the time by agreement between the family and the Senior Warden or some other designated person. If instances where sites are reserved or have been reserved, the fee, if any ,for the site will depend on the status of the person at the time of their death.

PART III THE CARE OF SITES Permission for planting shrubs and bushes for fencing off sites in the cemetery must be obtained from the Vestry. The family is asked to clear their lots of any dead arrangements, such as Christmas and Easter flowers, after a period of time in order that the cemetery will be attractive for all who come into it. Only fresh flowers will be permitted from May 1 to October 1. It is the responsibility of the family to notify the funeral home and the company that provides the vault and/or tombstone that the cemetery is open to trucks only as arrangements are made in advance with the Senior Warden. It is also the responsibility of the family to provide an appropriate marker within two years. The Vestry would also point out that vaults are not required for burial in Christ Church cemetery, nor are they encouraged.

PART IV THE PAYMENT OF FEES The fees for the use of burial sites, where such fees apply, are in addition to the cost of opening the grave and the fees of the funeral home. Payment of the fee for use of the burial site will be made to the funeral home handling the burial, along with other fees, for opening the grave, for purchase of casket, etc. NOTE: IF there are any questions concerning these rules, you are invited to consult either the Senior Warden or the Rector.

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