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Collaborative Ministry Covenant

Dear Parish Family,

I am pleased to announce that the Collaborative Ministry Covenant between Christ Church, Chaptico and All Saints’, Oakley has been formally approved by both vestries and by Bishop Mariann. We now have the green light to go ahead and begin our plan to share a rector between two parishes. The actual covenant document can be viewed on by clicking HERE or printed copies can be made available for those who specifically request one. Starting on July 9th the new worship schedule will be: 7:45 am (CC), 9:30 am (AS), and 11:00 am (CC).

While this will be a sharing of a priesbetween two parishes, it is important to note that each parish will t continue to operate separately, with separate budgets and vestries.

The process to get us to this point was a prayerful and thoughtful one. I am grateful for the leadership of our Senior Warden, Donna Gutierrez and the specially created subcommittee which includes: Julie Burch, Jose Gutierrez, Mike Oliver, Keith Loker, Greg Penk, Herb Redmond, and Brad Reeves. They truly acted with Christ Church’s best interest at heart, and yet they remained open to the Holy Spirit leading our parish into a new collaborative way of doing ministry.

This represents a big change for our parish and we must be honest and aware that change can be unsettling for some people. On the other hand, this is also an exciting time for us, one full of new possibilities. May God give each of us the courage to see this through, all for his glory and for a thriving Episcopal Church in Southern Maryland!

God’s Blessings,

Chris +

Collaborative Ministry Covenant text

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